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High quality tarmac driveways, driveway resurfacing, block paving and slab laying for residential and commercial driveways covering Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire. Call us on 07976 240173

Whether you choose to use Tarmac, pattern imprinted concrete, block paving or a resinous bonded stone, Ian Hooley Landscaping provides you with the opportunity to transform your existing driveway or patio areas, into an entrance fit for your home.

Each of our driveways is designed to the individual customers specifications and are a great help in complementing the appearance and character of your home.

With a large choice of materials and designs at our disposal, we will provide you with a driveway that will continue to last and at a price that you will find hard to believe.

Our recent projects have included small residential drives, agricultural access roads, commercial access roads, farm tracks, forecourts and car parks.

We are able to provide a wide variety of tarmacs and finishes including the standard black and blue and the popular red and green coloured tarmacs.

Professionally installed tarmac drives are attractive and hard wearing.

There are three layers involved in tarmac driveways, starting with preparation and the foundations.

  1. In most cases we will excavate the area required for your driveway down to a depth of around 16 to 18 centimetres. Then a base of crushed hardcore (rock, chipped stone and broken bricks etc) will be laid down and compacted to give a solid foundation.
  2. We will then edge the outline of your drive with either edging kerbstones or a decorative stone. These are then laid out on both sides which will are supported whilst the tarmac laying takes place.
  3. We lay the tarmac in two layers;
    • The first or "bottom" layer is known as the "base" and is usually made of a coarser aggregate. As this is laid out our specialist team spread the base ensuring full coverage and a uniform thickness all over.
    • The second or "top" layer is called the "wearing course". Once the base layer has been raked to ensure full coverage we then roll the base layer with a roller until the tarmac surface shines and the roller leaves no further indentations or marks. We then lay the top course which contains a much smaller grade of aggregate once again ensuring full coverage. The top layer is again compressed until a high shine finish is achieved, not only making the tarmac driveway stronger but also ensuring it has longevity.

To enquire further about our driveway services or to obtain a free estimate, don't hesitate to contact Ian Hooley Landscaping today on 07976 240173.

Tarmac Driveways & Driveway Resurfacing

Ian Hooley Landscaping are tarmac driveway and resurfacing specialists providing industry approved tarmac driveways, drives, forecourts, car parks, road ways and block paving throughout the Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire areas.

We have over 20 years of experience in laying tarmac drives, resurfacing drives, construction of blocked edge driveways, slab laying, resurfacing roads and the construction of private and public roads from start to finish.

To enquire further about our services or to obtain a free estimate, don't hesitate to contact Ian Hooley Landscaping today on 07976 240173.

Paving and Slab Laying

Hard landscaping involves much more than creating paths or driveways, there are garden walls, patios, paved or raised areas and concrete foundations for a shed or greenhouse.

Nowadays we have a vast range of materials to choose from for paving and other hard landscape materials. These include concrete paving, natural stone, granite setts, boulders, railway sleepers, bricks or blocks, brick paving, terracotta paving and an almost endless variety of gravel, pebble and aggregates.

To enquire further about our Paving or slab laying services or to obtain a free estimate, don't hesitate to contact Ian Hooley Landscaping today on 07976 240173.

What we offer

Ian Hooley Landscaping can provide a tailor made package to suit your requirements and budget. Whether its a small residential job or a larger commercial project, we understand that you need to retain ease of access to your premises for both family members, customers and staff.

Whatever the size of your project we can handle your job from the initial conception right through to completion and provide a first class result with the minimum of disruption caused to you and your premises.

Our complete range of driveway services includes;

  • New tarmac or block paved driveway construction (driveway construction handle from start to finish)
  • Blocked edge driveway construction or edging laid to existing driveway
  • Resurfacing of your existing driveway (If tarmacing existing base must be in good condition)
  • Kerb Dropping (residential and commercial)
  • Remedial repairs and patching (for holes or areas of subsidence)

To enquire further about our services or to obtain a free estimate, don't hesitate to contact Ian Hooley Landscaping today on 07976 240173.

Call us today on 07976 240173

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